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  1. M

    new member from Mali

    Hi everyone, greeting from Mali in west africa, im DIAKITE Mohamed Tiemoko. I have a HZJ105 model year 2002 with 129K miles. im happy to be there
  2. Kileni

    help with speaker sizes for HZJ105 LandCruiser, please

    Hi, my HZJ105 seems to have 2 speaker in the front doors (driver and passenger). Is there a good way to add them on the back (not rear) doors? It's my impression they are 6 3/4" speakers, but I'm not completely sure. It also appears there are no in-dash speakers. Is this right...
  3. Kileni

    how hard would it be to maintain a HZJ 105 LandCruiser in the United States?

    I've wondered if and when I move back to the US whether it would be hard to get parts for my HZJ 105 LandCruiser in the States. Thanks!