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  1. rosegiraffe

    Maurie – 1992 HZJ80 DX

    Meet Maurie, our 1992 Toyota Landcruiser HZJ80 DX. I think it's called DX, when its the vinyl interior, barn doors, 5 seats... or affectionately called 'povo pack'. When purchased it was reading 385,000 The picture was taken the first day we owned it It is unlikely to ever be a pretty...
  2. Dave W

    Lower front seat covers and factory right side chrome rear view mirror

    Well, can't seem to find a right side mirror and lower seat covers for my HZJ80. If anyone has either and wants to part with them, let me know! Seat covers are as shown below.
  3. Y

    HZJ80 1995 Window Fix

    Just thought I would share my experience. Fitted a pair of these window regulators to my HZJ80 95. Have had them in now for a couple of weeks and they have been good. My DSF window was stuck for a few months didn’t realise how easy it would...
  4. M

    Rotors HZJ80 Standard or Drilled and Slotted?

    Hi All, I have a HZJ80 1995 and the rotors are due for a change. I have a few questions regarding my options. Should I go something standard like these ? Or does anyone have any experience with Drilled and Slotted like these...
  5. Dave W

    HZJ80 oil recommendation and upholstery need

    I have a 1990 HZJ80 with 329,000 km and need to change oil. I live in California, so will need American brand. Any recommendations? Regular or synthetic? I also need lower seat covers with the blue Toyota fabric. My seat lowers were recovered with a pretty tacky grey cloth (I know this is a...