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    Hi , i have a 95 prado , petrol 2002. I am looking for a way to bypass the car immobilizer. The car red key symbol is on with all the keys i have. After half an hour of waiting its working with all my keys. I already replaced the signal booster, and the key round antenna. It worked ok for 6...
  2. H

    2002 Toyota Prado GF-RZJ95W-GGPSK Immobilizer dash light (key in truck) flashing

    Hello Land Cruiser enthusiasts. I'm new to this forum business but think it may be my only resource in terms of resolving a couple of issues I'm having with my 2002 Toyota Prado Land Cruiser (MODEL - GF-RZJ95W-GGPSK), which by the way, is the BEST field vehicle I have ever owned. It can go...