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  1. M

    4WD issue

    Hi all, Trying to diagnose what’s going on with my 95 series 2001 Prado. 4wd light won’t turn on, when selecting 4H or 4L and accelerating car will make a horrible clicking noise. Thought it might be CV shafts so yesterday we replaced them. Also when in normal drive car will make same noise...
  2. Boian

    Intermittent Acceleration D4d

    Help! An year ago there was something like intermittent acceleration on my 2001 D4d automatic Prado and the fix was SCVs. However this issue appeared again. I changed the SCVs again just in case, but its still the same. The acceleration hesitation and delay are most prominent when the car is...
  3. T

    1990 Troopey Oil Pressure Gauge Issues

    Hello. I have an issue with my HZ75's oil pressure gauge. It's a 2H Diesel. The gauge is barely showing a reading. Idle 2000 revs I've put a gauge on to check the oil pressure which is fine. Idle 2000 revs I've tried 2 new senders and a quick earthing of the wire to the sender, the earth...