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  1. 9

    New owner of Land Cruiser KZJ78 Prado.

    Looking for all the info i can find on this beast and appreciate all the help i can get. I have found several issues so far.... both mirrors do not work....thinking maybe the switch is bad.... Next i have a horn issue. When i loosen the 4 screws that hold the turn signal and windshield washer...
  2. GreatScot

    KZJ78 power locking hubs

    Had a search around and can't find anything on other threads. My luck ran out and the copper spring has snapped while bending the springs back into place after I soldered the brushes on. Anyone know of how I could replace it? Or, does anyone have power locking hub parts lying around from a...
  3. R

    KZJ78 95' Toyota Prado 3.0L turbodiesel

    Greetings fellow members, My name is Ron I just purchased a KZJ78 1995 right-hand drive Toyota Prado SX 3.0 turbodiesel manual. 294k kilometers. I plan on building an overland rig with decent off road capabilities. First I'm going to take care of the basic maintenance tasks, like replacing...
  4. Tjhuntt

    1995 KZJ78 (RHD) Prado Air-Conditioning ISSUE

    Bought vehicle in winter time and never tried the aircon. Shipped vehicle to the USA and tried aircon this summer. Noticed that the clutch would NOT engage no matter what. Had a half can of R134a and decided to put some in. All of a sudden, the clutch kicked on while parked in my garage. I put...
  5. Z

    KZJ78 Landcruiser ATF check

    Hi all, We have a KZJ78 Landcruiser which we love but we are worried that there might be an ATF leak. We have been advised to check the correct level first but we understand that each model has its own specific method of checking. Could anyone help? Thank you :)
  6. Watamu LC

    KZJ78 for sale in Kenya.

    Dear all, The time has come for me to part with my much loved KZJ78W-PET. It has been a pleasure to drive and hope that it will go to a good home. The car is located in Watamu, Kenya and am hoping to find a serious buyer through these forums. If you know of someone, please feel free to share...
  7. J

    Kzj/lj78 rear propshaft

    Hi, yesterday i bent my rear propshaft just slighty but enough that at 80km/hr the car will vibrate/shake like crazy. Looking for what other vehicles use the same propshaft as my 93' kzj78 to either get a new one or one from the wreckers. I'm in Australia.
  8. F

    Starter motor

    I've been having trouble starting with the engine just sounding a click a few times before starting, now it just s sounds a click everytime so I'm guessing its the started motor. Can anyone give me advice, pictures or links to how to replace or prepare the starter motor? Its a Prado KZJ78 3.0...