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  1. Chocksaway


    Hey guys, I'm Al. Long time lurker, new member. Massively appreciate all the knowledge and banter on here. Time I jumped in, I think. Originally from Liverpool, UK. But now live in the Bulgarian mountains. Earlier in the year I bought a cheap old 87' LJ73 with a 2LT. I haven't added any mods to...
  2. usafcooper

    Looking for 1988 LJ73 parts

    I have been searching on the forums for good parts suppliers for the last 80’s LJ/BJ 73 model land cruisers without much luck. I live in Germany, but have a military address for shipping from the states. I am in desperate need of some bushwhacker style fender flairs so that I can pass the...
  3. john higginson

    Left standing

    Hello, Wondered if any of you fine folk might be able to shed light on perhaps why my 89 LJ73 refuses to start. With the Covid problems we're all experiencing, it sadly has stood unused since around March time. It always started well, never any problems. The battery is good and showing a full...