1. Traumallama

    Canadian, First Toyota, and it’s an LJ78

    Hello!, Greg Beatty here, totally New to the wild world of both diesels and Toyota’s, especially RHD, but I’m the kind to jump in with both feet! A few days ago I purchased a 91 RHD 2.4L lj78. Prado SX5 ? Only mod I was told about was the previous owner had a 3L valve cover on “for better...
  2. oldcarsmaniac

    Land Cruiser LJ78 Prado EX

    Just realised that I've never present my latest Toy here. It's a Land Cruiser LJ78 Prado SX, Winter spec, pretty stock, except the wheels (BFG 32/11.5/15 on some aftermarket alloys), I have some big plans for it, including an engine swap, suspension lift, a winch and some "expedition setup"...
  3. J

    Kzj/lj78 rear propshaft

    Hi, yesterday i bent my rear propshaft just slighty but enough that at 80km/hr the car will vibrate/shake like crazy. Looking for what other vehicles use the same propshaft as my 93' kzj78 to either get a new one or one from the wreckers. I'm in Australia.
  4. bigmac

    1993 LJ78 Engine Transplant to 4.2 auto

    Looking for advise & guidance on converting my Lj78 2.4lte auto engine... Im looking to put in the landcrusier 4.2 engine... looking to pick all your brains on this, as the 2.4 engine is just not up for the job... Can it be done & pros n cons ?
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