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  1. NomadicMichael

    100 Series Composite Overland Build

    I expect this to be my last Overland build. I've been to the Expo (West and Mountain West) for the last 10 years. In 2015 after living in a 39' Diesel Pusher I had a 4x4 Sprinter 144 custom built by Colorado Camper Van. I lived in that rig for 2.5 years traveling the US deciding to settle...
  2. BigV

    AHC can of worms have attacked my LX. Seeking advice :)

    (may not be related to the AHC issue but I am also getting an ABS, VSC off and check engine light going off constantly even though the car runs fine) Alright gents im having an issue with the AHC system of my LX470. Car goes down in to low mode and comes back to neutral position no problems but...
  3. J

    2004 Lexus LX 470 — insane breakdown

    Hi all! Trying to get some insight. Just had my 04 Lexus LX470 (I know it’s old, my parent’s handed it off to me) serviced at Lexus two weeks ago, no problems. I’m on the highway in Vermont, and suddenly I hear THUD THUD THUD THUD (quite loud) when I am on the accelerator. I thought my wheel was...
  4. Steve Best

    rust repair panels

    we have problems at the rear of the vehicle (in spite of extensive coating). Does anyone know of rust repair panels for the bottom of the quarter-panel ?
  5. cbour32

    Wanted: 1998-2006 Toyota Land Cruiser / Lexus LX470 - Maybe GX470

    Hey New to the forum but I've been following for quite awhile, ever since I started looking for LCs again. I am looking for a 98-06 Land Cruiser or LX470, may also consider a GX470. My budget is between 9-15k depending on the vehicle, condition, mods, maintenance, mileage, etc. I am looking...