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  1. J

    Mechanic Needed in San Jose, Costa Rica

    Hello, This is my first post here. I hope this type of post is allowed and is in the right thread! I live in Canada but am looking to purchase an FJ or BJ 40 in Costa Rica. I will be keeping it there to use while we are in the country. I'm looking for any assistance in finding a knowledgeable...
  2. R

    New Owner of an Old Troopy

    Hi All, Day2 of my Land Cruiser Club Experience! My Troopy is being shipped down to me from the Gold Coast and wanted to start doing some reading and getting my mechanical brain working again (what there is of it). So I have two questions: Firstly on Manuals and recommendations - I don't mind...
  3. Craigus76

    80 Series Mechanic South London

    Hi Guys Have had a problem with my centre diff lock for 2 months now and had tons of assistance from members on this club with a lot of things I could try, which I really appreciate. Alas I haven't been able to fix myself and now the car has been standing for 2 months and I have to get it...
  4. A

    '77 FJ40 - Need SoCal (Orange County) Mechanic!

    hello out there! i had a '77 FJ40 restored, but the guy who did it is in Colorado and i'm in Orange County, CA so following up on the restoration when there are issues isn't very practical. can anyone recommend someone in (or near) Orange County who could check it out mechanically for me...