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  1. GrahamR

    Corroded filler pipe replacements/alternatives/mods?

    Hi everyone, My filler pipe is fairly corroded, (caught before it rotted right through anywhere though) and I'm loathe to replace it with a whole new £100+ pipe. It was a nightmare to get out, seemingly fitted in the factory before the body went on... I dread to think how difficult a new one...
  2. S

    5.4 Falcon Boss engine & transmission conversion

    Hi to all, this question is more to my Aussie counterparts but any input would be much appreciated. I have a 1970 Fj45 and a BA XR8 falcon. My plan is to transplant both the XR8's 4 speed transmission and engine into the FJ. Fabrication and fitment of this is not a problem, although an...