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new here

  1. Eiji73

    Belgium LC73 bonjour, hallo, hello, こんにちわ!

    Hi all, Jean-Yves Land Cruiser 70-series, LJ73, 2 liter turbo diesel, olive green, white hard top, 205k km in July 2022 Mods on your Cruiser: no mods so far. Bought with Australian bull bar Plans for your Cruiser: family, dog and trailer hauler. Planning an overland trip to Iceland in 2022...
  2. I


    Just joined the fold (after years of misery with the ‘green oval’ brigade) and now the proud owner of a 2001 5dr Collie D4D Changing the old tyres to a set of 265/75r16 Cooper SST Pro and now sorting a set of steel rims, but completely confused myself on what offset I need. I’m thinking 16x8...
  3. B

    New to forum

    Hi! Just got my fourth Land Cruiser. Previously owned a 40, two 88’s, and now a 2011 Series 200 I found with 33K miles. Can’t believe the refinements that have been made. Thinking this might be my last one, but I’ve said that before. It has had all scheduled dealer service done. I enjoy doing...