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  1. onearpainter

    Hello from Georgia!

    Hello from Georgia! I just bought a 1996 Toyota Landcruiser Prado diesel with 257,368km on it. I'm super excited to build out my off road load out. It's Voodoo Blue and on 33" tires. Plans is to make a camper/ off roader. Just general adventure vehicle for hiking and fun times.
  2. U

    toyota landcruiser prado 2020 model burning smell

    hi i went offroading on my toyota landcruiser prado in a lot of mud and the car was very muddy and dirty at the end. the next day when i was driving my car i smelt a very strong burning smell coming from the inside the car and when i stopped and got out the smell was much stronger. it smelt like...
  3. I

    New LC owner, Suspension & AC issues - Advice

    Hi, I just got hold of my LC 2011 GX with 135K km on the clock. The pervious owner has installed a 2" lift on the suspension coil/shock absorber. Everything time I accelerate or brake, there is a clunk/Click noise that comes, sometimes from all 4 wheels but mostly from the front end. I took it...
  4. D

    Commonly found issues.

    Hi guys, I'm new and have had a quick look about and can't find anything specifically relating to my snag. First and foremost on my list is my 98 4.5 s100 is giving me sporadic trans temp warnings when the engine is up to temp, to trigger it I have to very gently touch the accelerator and it...
  5. J

    Hey Everyone! I just bought my first landcruiser project!

    Hey everyone! I have just purchased my very first landcruiser project! Its a 1985 BJ73 Toyota Land cruiser MWB It has 449 000 kms on the clock and still drive like a beast! However, it has some issues, like anything thats 35 years old! It has some rust from where the FRP TOP has leaked...
  6. S

    Fellow Cruiser Lover

    Your name: Sarah (A.k.a Sari) Your Cruiser: Landcuiser FJ80 1FZ-FE, FJ60 2H and FJ62 3F Mods on your Cruiser: Snorkel, Side Steps, long range fuel, winch bar, roof racks and awning. Plans for your Cruiser: 1FZ-FE is being converted to auto, however, mechanic has lost parts to the flex plate and...
  7. Traumallama

    Canadian, First Toyota, and it’s an LJ78

    Hello!, Greg Beatty here, totally New to the wild world of both diesels and Toyota’s, especially RHD, but I’m the kind to jump in with both feet! A few days ago I purchased a 91 RHD 2.4L lj78. Prado SX5 ? Only mod I was told about was the previous owner had a 3L valve cover on “for better...