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  1. J

    Prado 90 Series 1kz Faults - Transmission, overheating, alternator, brakes, suspension, noises & seat cushions

    Hi All, I'm new here. I own a Prado 1997 1KZ with 175,000 km. I am not a mechanic, but I am a bit of an enthusiast. If you are a mechanic please feel free to correct me. I've had a whole range of faults on my vehicle and I would like to take this opportunity to share my findings. I know many of...
  2. C

    Advice on cooling down my 96 LC

    I have a 96 LC with 228k miles. It has been overheating on road trips the last couple years (hot days, going over passes). I have heard of aftermarket coolers solving these problems. Any recommendations on what parts and where I could get them would be appreciated. thanks