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repair manual

  1. AmirAndAzadeh

    LC70-VDJ V8 Turbo Diesel Repair Manuals

    Greeting legend, I'm looking for PDF sources for Landcruiser 70s Any one knows how to find repair manual for the 70 series up to the current models through the internet and PDF or books etc... (VDJ V8 Turbo diesel) Cheers in advance
  2. H

    2002 Toyota Prado GF-RZJ95W-GGPSK Immobilizer dash light (key in truck) flashing

    Hello Land Cruiser enthusiasts. I'm new to this forum business but think it may be my only resource in terms of resolving a couple of issues I'm having with my 2002 Toyota Prado Land Cruiser (MODEL - GF-RZJ95W-GGPSK), which by the way, is the BEST field vehicle I have ever owned. It can go...