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  1. White Amazon

    Replacement Alternator suggestions for 4.7 petrol

    Hi all, I need to replace the alternator on my 2006 LC100 4.7 petrol Over £700 from Toyota. I’m thinking “Blueprint” for £250 ish. Any thoughts/suggestions. Refurbing is not an option unfortunately
  2. Ellie94

    Fuel Tank Replacemnt

    Hi, I've just recently bought a Landcruiser prado 3l diesel, auto. Japanese import 70 series KZTE engine. I've got my hands on a second hand tank (photo 1) to replace the very rusty one she currently has (photo 2). The replacement tanks doesn't have the two vertically alligned pipes that the...
  3. thelostscott

    Replacement of standard battery set-up (100 Series)

    Hi all, I need of recommendations for suppliers and battery types to replace the batteries in a standard engine bay set-up in my '98 100 series. Knowledge in this area is limited so not really sure what to look out for. Apologies for the vagueness and thanks in advance.
  4. B

    Does anyone have a source for an oil filter 90915-20003?

    Toyota sell a replacement part 90915-YZZJ3. I have these, but the original part is supposed to be better, however more expensive. Toyota apparently fits the better one as a factory fit and then advise the cheaper one as the one for a service from the first oil change. I have seen photographs of...