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  1. dyladams

    Frontrunner Cheetah half roof rack

    Hi all I am looking at selling my Roofrack that I had on my 80 series. It's the fully welded (not modular) front runner rack that only covers about half the roof. Good bits: - fully welded that very robust - allows you to have have the roof rack on and still use sunroof (for some this may be...
  2. SimonD

    Pros and cons of 2.5m roofrack

    Would one of you be able to post, or direct me to, a picture of an installed 2.5m roofrack? If you have one, what are the pros and cons besides the obvious ones like overloading it? Do you have it sticking out over the windscreen or projecting backwards? My current Patriot roofrack is...