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  1. R

    LJ70 Rear Bench Seat Brackets

    Good Morning. I recently bought a 1993 LJ70 LHD. BLUF: It did not have a back seat, however, the seller was able to find me one prior to purchase. My issue is that the vehicle did not have the side floor mounting brackets and the seat did not come with them. Is this something they sell...
  2. Mr_Red

    Wanted: Overlanding equipment & misc bits

    Hi folks, I'm preparing my Landcruiser 105 series for a long term overlanding expedition (thread to follow on this a bit later) and am currently decking out the interior. If anyone can help me source the following preferably second-hand equipment, please let me know. Overlanding equipment...
  3. Kileni

    how to mount LJ77 seats in an LJ70 Landcruiser?

    Has anyone mounted LJ77 back seats (the ones that flip up and then hang beside the rear windows) in an LJ70? I was thinking about doing this to create a little more hauling space, but it doesn't look like the mounts fit without modification.
  4. Bshane

    Electric Front Seats Won't Go Back

    My electric front seats in m '92 have stopped moving backward. When I push the switch to move a seat forward, the electric mechanism complies, and I hear the motor working. When I push it the switch the opposite way, to move the seat back, I hear nothing. Both seats are now stuck almost all the...