1. I

    Mixing shocks - bad idea?

    Hi, am looking to upgrade suspension on my 5.7L 200. After hours of surfing here, there and everywhere for both reviews and UK availability of parts, I have this thought. (By the way for those who haven't seen, this is a very informative review (for a 100)...
  2. StarCruiser

    A bit of a shock…

    When disconnecting the shock absorbers to fit the new springs I found this on one of them. Bear in mind these are 22 years old this year and look pretty much perfect on the outside. The thread is totally wasted away by rust within the rubber to probably 40-60% of its original diameter...
  3. mapa

    Help? My LC is leaning heavily to the left!?!

    Hi guys! I just discovered that my LC is about 10 centimeters (4 inches) lower on the left rear side than the rest of the car. Measured between tire and fender. The spring looks solid. Sounds solid when hit with a hammer. The shock absorber also looks ok. I have Koni Heavy Track all around -...
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