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  1. BenjiCarlos

    Front and rear door speakers

    Apologies if this has been covered. I am getting some speakers for the 1991 Jap cruiser for christmas and I read that the door speakers are 4 inch yet on investigation they might be 5.25 inch? My car is in Edinburgh and I am in London so I can't just measure them unfortunately. I have...
  2. Kileni

    help with speaker sizes for HZJ105 LandCruiser, please

    Hi, my HZJ105 seems to have 2 speaker in the front doors (driver and passenger). Is there a good way to add them on the back (not rear) doors? It's my impression they are 6 3/4" speakers, but I'm not completely sure. It also appears there are no in-dash speakers. Is this right...
  3. A

    Speakers Placement For VDJ79R GXL

    Has anyone tried to fit bigger speakers in this ute? any ideas where to put them? I have pulled the door card off and there isn't a lot of room and where there is room the door pockets get in the road. any help would be appreciated. Cheers Andy:icon-biggrin: