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starter motor

  1. 92OkiPrado

    Replace Starter on LJ78 with 2 L-T Engine

    I’m currently trying to replace the starter on my LJ78. It has the 2 LTE in it but I can’t seem to get the top bolt off…any tricks or suggestions?
  2. L

    Starter motor whirring whine

    Hi All, hope life is sweet in the Land Cruiser world, long time no problems, but yesterday the truck didn't start. Battery and connections all seem good, the starter motor just makes a whirring sound maybe with a little whine. I've taken the starter motor off and to bits, it was full of...
  3. Simon Scott

    Advice for 100 series garage repair.

    Hello, I recently purchased a 2000 landcruiser with 200,000 on it. Its in incredibly good shape for the year and overall I'm happy with my purchase. Since owning it, I have had to replace the rear pads, rotors and starter motor and have all the fluids redone. Prior to the starter motor fix...
  4. F

    Starter motor

    I've been having trouble starting with the engine just sounding a click a few times before starting, now it just s sounds a click everytime so I'm guessing its the started motor. Can anyone give me advice, pictures or links to how to replace or prepare the starter motor? Its a Prado KZJ78 3.0...