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sub tank

  1. Idle Yorkshireman

    Sub tank

    Hi guys I have a 2003 ex-military armoured 105 4.5 petrol with a sub tank and 24,000 miles on the clock. I'm not very mechanically minded so please be does not seem to start up from the Sub tank but switches over from main to sub and works ok? I'm sure when I first purchased it...
  2. R

    HZJ75 sub-tank troubleshoot

    G'day All, Recently bought a 97 HZJ75. Having some trouble getting the sub-tank to work. Manual says it should pump into the main tank rather than directly into the engine. So far I've checked all the lines and solenoids to be working. After some advice in further troubleshooting. Cheers.
  3. RNS

    Sub tank to VZJ95 LHD 97 Europe

    Has finished the installation sub tank to my VZJ95. Now I have 90+70 liters and can go more then 1000km on one filling. It is 90% assembled of Toyota factory components except wiring. The tank itself is from Hilux Surf 185, two way fuel tank inlet is stock, main valve is from 100...
  4. 2

    Aux SUB tank for new LC79SC

    Hi everyone - new here - looking for information on adding secondary fuel tank. So a couple of questions if anyone can provide some information . . . Has anyone installed a second tank (perhaps Brown Davis 110l) in a 2017-onwards 79 SC? If so, has anyone installed an OEM sub tank switch, rather...
  5. Paul McCurdy

    Sub fuel tank level sensor

    I have a 2001 LC - 100 series turbo diesel. I thought the Sub tank was empty and haven't used it for the year I've been driving it here in Honduras, in fear that it would contaminate the fuel line. But I went to fill it today and it seems it's been full all this time. I added some additive to...