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  1. C

    Help needed ASAP 80series low pitch vibration under load

    Hi Team I have a vx80 1990 4.2 manual I towed my boat off the beach the other day with the centre diff lock engaged now it has a low humming vibration under load mainly around 90 kph if you hold the throttle stable on it is a noticeable low tone vibration but doesn’t sound like it’s comeing...
  2. R

    HZJ75 sub-tank troubleshoot

    G'day All, Recently bought a 97 HZJ75. Having some trouble getting the sub-tank to work. Manual says it should pump into the main tank rather than directly into the engine. So far I've checked all the lines and solenoids to be working. After some advice in further troubleshooting. Cheers.
  3. Ben Freeman

    Horn [this isn't another horn pin post]

    So I'm brand new to Cruisers - just got my first ['88 FJ62] last week. The horn isn't working and I'm at a dead end as far as knowing what to do next. Here's what I've done so far: • Haz/Horn fuse is good. Hazards are working fine, fuse isn't blown. • I removed the steering wheel cover [see...