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100 Series Diesel VX Flasher unit

Andy Harvey

Well-Known Member
Mar 6, 2010
Does anyone know where the flasher unit is located before I have to go and hunt for it. Passenger side flashers don't work (sometimes sort of intermittently but only dim). It's already blown a fuse once today. Hazards nor LHS indicators don't work.
That's a useful .pdf Jon, I haven't seen that one before
It's part of the electrics FSM but I haven't assembled it all into a single pdf yet.

Thanks, as always a mine of information. Will have a look at it tomorrow - it's sort of working on and off at the moment (and no I don't mean On and Off like it's supposed to. :D )
Andy Harvey said:
it's sort of working on and off at the moment (and no I don't mean On and Off like it's supposed to. :D )
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Well I found the little SOB **$$£££>>>"%^& bugger. It's not quite where it says on the diagram and is right difficult to get at. I'll take a picture when I get the new one and fit it. It has two relays in it, one for the RHS indicator and one for the LHS indicator.

Interestingly the case of it says no more than 4 bulbs however there are 8 bulbs in the system (two each side on the front, one each side on the rear and two repeaters. Will be interesting to see what the new one says.

Anyway befoe I get the picture done, if anyone else needs to find it, it is a square relay box about 1 1/2 inch cube which is slotted onto a bracket which is bolted to the steering column support. If you look directly up with a torch from the centre rear of the under dash panel (you can just get it without dropping the dash as I found having taken it apart). Easiest way to get it off is to pull it off the bracket and you can drop it down to the RHS of the column and you can then reach it to pull off the wiring connector. I took mine apart and checked the relays and one relay coil is almost completely knackered - it will energise once or twice and then it doesn't work anymore. I tried cleaning up the contacts but to no avail so I guess a new one is the only option.
That's useful to know Andy, thanks for saving us the trouble :D
OK that wasn't it, seems the flasher unit relay being buggered was just a by product of another problem, probably happened when the fuse blew. Jon woudl you by any chance have the factory wiring diagram for the direction indicators and hazard as the one in the Max ellory I am sure is not correct.

I have changed the flasher unit, checked out the switch with a meter and it functions fine. The only bit not checked is the hazards switch. All the bulbs are OK and as far as I can tell all the earths are OK on that side.
Well to add to the complication, in the rain a couple of days ago it worked fine, soon as it dried out didn't work. I think I have a dry joint somewhere maybe so I'm going to start at the front after doing the initial tests of the correct conditions on the Flasher unit wiring and the hazard wiring. I figure the front is a good place to start as that would possibly be where any water would get at things first unless anyone knows of a connector underneath (maybe rear wiring loom) that could get exposed to spray off the road or maybe one at the bottom of the firewall which could also get it.

At least the right hand indicators are working fine all the time - guess I'll just have to drive routes that only require me to turn right :lol:
That maybe suggests the fault lies with the bulb holders? Or the loom for the front right, repeater or rear right indicators? I *think* that one side working excludes the indicator unit or relay as the culprit - the indicator switch may be faulty, but unlikely because hazards won't work either?

It won't be the spiral switch then, eh, Jon?? :evil:
Already had the switch apart and tested it with a meter, it works fine so that and the flasher unit are OK I think. I think the problem will be on the LHS as the Right hand side is working fine. Thinking maybe flasher unit wiring or more likely the wiring to the bulb holders hopefully, hoping it's not on another multi connector somewhere.

The Hazards don't work at all but then that may be because there is some kind of short or funny joint on one side upsetting the flasher unit.
Found it in the end, an intermittent short on the trailer wiring. Disconnected it in the rear Passenger side cluster for now and will have a look at where it is, at least it is narrowed down now and I don't have a trailer anyway.