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100 series high idel- 2001 IAC valve..


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Feb 17, 2015
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Hello gentlemen,
first post.
i have an issue with my 2001 GXL 100 series with a 1fz-fe motor. ( live axel)
my engine light was on and I got it check by Toyota which was diagnosed as being a faulty IAC valve, (idel control valve) I replaced and the engine light has since extinguished. Although the symptom has not stopped. I am running high idel in neutral and park, around 1800rpm... As soon as I put it into drive she falls to about 1000 rpm- and drives on.. I do not have the standard IAC valve found on most 1fz-fe motors, mine is a solenoid that twists open and close positioned under the throttle body opposed to the solenoid that pushes in and out, poswwitioned on the forward side of the throttle body. Has any one had a similar issue or can anyone offer advice? I can not even find drawing/ service manuals on this particular IAC valve. I have even told that it was a later update on the 1fz-fe motor..... Please help!