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100 series rear diff lock manual conversion !


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May 12, 2020
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So after much deliberation, I’ve now got a 4wd cruiser after locking the centre diff permanently and engage the hubs to have 2wd for the road.

Now went green laining the other night, cross axeled badly up a particular lane, so now I need to sort the rear diff lock.

my cruiser, high milage bit of a terd, small, dings dents, needs more than its worth to sort it all out.

so none of the transfer box switches work, So first Step will be to fool them by bypassing them to try and see if I get power to rear diff lock. Even if I do I strongly think the rear locker will be seized like the centre one and all the switches !!

So after that I’m going to remove it, depending on how that goes and how much I have left, I’m going to take it apart remove the electric motor, and make that the mount for an arm to push / pull the pin in and out the diff lock in the diff.

probs sounds cowboy to you guys, but I’m going to make it cable operated, spring loaded towards the unlock position, so cable breaks it hopefully unlocks and you can drive home with out a locked diff engaged !

I’m going to have drill through the ally casing and lengthen the pin. So it can be operated by the leaver.

I’d get it out the axle, then make a simple plate so I can still use the car whilst I modify the diff lock unit.

wish me luck lads !