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1976 hj45 stalling


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Nov 25, 2018
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Hi my truck has been stalling when it's been running for a while it started when climbing a steep hill. I've checked the fuel line and cleaned the tank .could it be the ignition relay if so where would I locate it .
If it is a 1976 hj it should be a diesel so shouldn't have an ignition relay? Should have pull kill switch?
Has the engine been swapped for petrol unit?
Hi David it’s still a diesel thanks for your help hopefully when i re install the tank all will be fixed
Hopefully. If its a diesel it won't be ignition problem. Either fuel or air starvation, problem with injector pump or it could just be the H engine, if that's what you've got, hates hills! Mine struggles with steep inclines and does require working the gears otherwise it hasn't got the power to see you up there and could be a reason for stalling?

Good luck

I know what you mean about hills hopefully all will resolved with the very clean tank and new air filter
Hi hope you get it sorted out OK but will we have to have pictures of your 45 we love pictures all the best Tony
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