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1995 KZJ78 (RHD) Prado Air-Conditioning ISSUE


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May 3, 2020
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Bought vehicle in winter time and never tried the aircon. Shipped vehicle to the USA and tried aircon this summer. Noticed that the clutch would NOT engage no matter what. Had a half can of R134a and decided to put some in. All of a sudden, the clutch kicked on while parked in my garage. I put another can in (I don't know amount). Air-conditioning blows very cold, its awesome!

The issue is this, as soon as I put the truck into drive, the clutch disengages and the vents blow warmer air. As soon as I put the truck back into park, the clutch re-engages and the air gets cold again. At first, because I wasn't sure how much Freon I put into the system, I though maybe the under pressure or over pressure sensors were doing their job and sensing too little, or too much and shutting the clutch off.

I took the truck to a shop and had them pull a vacuum on the system and then refill the system with 900 grams (1.98 pounds) of R134a. Just got the call from the shop and they told me they pulled a vacuum and the system only had .9 pounds in the system. They then told me they serviced the system with 1.9 pounds (861 grams) and the aircon is doing the same thing (disengaging ac clutch when truck is put into drive).

Does anyone have any ideas of what might be the cause?