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1997 Colorado (90) LWB 3.0 Diesel



Hi All,
I have had my Colorado for some time as daily transport, work horse, towing vehicle for some time. It is time to give it a tidy up, the shopping list is as following and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
At present it has had a intercooler conversion from Four Counties (some time ago), upgrades springs and shocks (not very happy with), rack + lights, front nudge bar.
1. Long range fuel tank.
2. Information on air helpers for rear springs.
3. Dual fuel system, I hear that performance is good, although engine has 139,000 at present.
Many thanks for any information.
Hi Derek,
Do you recall what springs and shocks were fitted?
I've not seen any UK made ones, the most common are either Long Ranger
tanks from Aus that are sold by ARB - most 4x4 companies in the UK re-
sell ARB stuff - just ring around for the best quote.
Failing that there are the odd South African companies like FrontRunner
that might sell them - sometimes you can deal direct with them,
otherwise you will need to find a dealer in the UK - from memory their
kit can come out cheaper than the Long Ranger tanks.
I've not come across them for Colorados in the UK, but again Aus may be
the best source - I can look into this a bit more for you if you want.
What are you referring to as Dual Fuel. I guess by the fact that you
have had an intercooler fitter that you porbably have a diesel - are
you thinking about biodiesel or veg oil as an alternative?
BTW - where abouts are? The name sounds familiar.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
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