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1998 Land Cruiser HZJ75 Questions


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Nov 18, 2014
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Hey Guys,

First off, I live in Victoria, Australia, I'm new to Land Cruiser's but have been wanting a decent 4x4 plus something that I can tow with for a while, so I apologise in advance for my newbie questions.

I've been offered a 1998 Land Cruiser 75 Series with an aluminium tray for $5000. It's got 350,000 ks on the clock and has been according to the owner serviced at the local toyota dealer it's whole life (log books confirm this). It started life as a Parks Victoria car and he bought it with 40,000ks on it. Since then it has been just used as a daily commuter with some minor paddock work.
Its got a relatively straight body, with some paint wear on the bonnet but other then that it's pretty good. The front drivers seat needs replacing/fixing due to a major tear and the seatbelts are frayed. The roof lining is also coming down in one of the corners. The timing belt was replaced at around the 260,000k mark.
The guy is also going to throw in a set of sunraysia rims with tyres as well. The cars currently registered and used fairly regularly still with the owner stating no issues, but I'd want to get it roadworthy ASAP.

I guess my questions are:

1: Is it a good deal?
2: How much would it cost to repair what I have listed?
3: Are there any problems I need to know about this model/year?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Without seeing it sounds like a decent deal for a later model 75 series. Serviced at toyota is a plus, only if it was serviced regularly and things were replaced when it needed, it will go forever just not fast because its a na 1hz :)

Timing belt is due, see how it starts on a cold start, blowing smoke?, check injector pump if its leaking etc (can be costly). Go through all the gears and lock the hubs and test the 4WD is in working order.

I prefer a steel tray, more comfortable with the extra weight in the back. Yeah for a roady you need belts and a new seat, plenty around.

All in all 5000 aint to bad seeing its just a regularly serviced\maintained commuter. Better it being a tow car its whole life or weekend basher. Some old fellas keep their cruisers pretty clean and he'll be the 1st or 2nd owner which is a good sign
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Thanks for the reply Burns,

I ended up taking it to a mechanic for a roadworthy and a compression test. They found issues with the injectors which the believe was causing the black smoke, so that's going to cost me $600 to recondition all the injectors.
Other than that the roadworthy came back relatively clean:
windscreen, seatbelt, washer jets, heater repair, number plate light, rocker cover gasket, pressure clean engine, adjust front wheel bearings, replace front shackle bushes. All up costing me about 2 grand.

Is it worth me getting them to give it a service while they are doing everything else as well? And what's the standard sort of price for a 360K service/what needs to be done.

The other thing it needs is 4 brand new tires, now I've got the wheels that come standard on it and I've also got a set of sunraysia rims.

I know this is a pretty personal sort of decision, but what tires would you recommend on the sunraysia rims? The cars not going to be doing any massively serious 4 wheel driving, but still would like enough grip to get out of sticky situations but not compromise the drive on tarmac too much.