1fz-fe lpg conversion???


New Member
I am in new_zealand
Sep 6, 2014
who out there has put lpg in there trucks?
want to put lpg on my 80 1fz-fe. 4.5l inline 6
what gear did you use? what did it cost? did you go dule or only lpg???
any help out there spending way to much on petrol 1/4 of my wages go in the tank for like 200km a week and lpg way cheeper at the pump


New Member
I am in poland
Oct 16, 2013
Trees, trees everywhere...
I've got LPG on 2AZ-FE 2.4 I4 engine on my '05 Highlander 4WD for over 8 years. Runs very smooth, MPG the same as on gasoline but LPG price here in Poland is like 1/2 of gasoline. Gear is Italian - Stella brand AFAIR. I had talk with company that installed my gear and they said that Toyota gasoline engines older than 2007 (I4s, V6s and V8s) are one of the best engines for LPG conversion.
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