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1H-DT Turbo and Injectors.


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Aug 11, 2020
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Hello everybody,
I am new to the forum, and i am a new 80 series owner. I purchased a 1H-DT VX model, she needs a bit of TLC bless her but i'm determined to resurrect her.

She's done 209,000 miles so she's no spring chicken. She's not in bad nick considering her age, however she failed MOT test on rear shock absorber mount corrosion. I ended up putting a complete rear axle casing in, 2nd hand but i had it blasted and then raptor coated so that should buy me a few years. I did the cam belt, water pump, thermostat, new radiator, new condenser, new alternator, full oil changes etc. New rear wheel bearings when the axle was done, fronts and knuckle rebuilds coming up next week.

I am also going to pull down the sump next week and do the big end bearings as i am aware this is an issue.

I've also got the fear of the turbocharger letting go. I priced one of these up with Toyota and nearly fell off my chair, they can keep it (£2,657). Is there anywhere in the UK that anyone can recommend to overhaul my existing turbo? Any ideas of turnaround time for this? Am on a tight schedule, i'm a seafarer, so its back to work in a few weeks . I'd love to get this turned around in that time.

Also, is there anywhere in the UK overhauling injectors? was quoted £495 per injector so they can keep those and all.

Any other troublesome areas i should focus some love on?

Thanks all.
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Injector overhaul........ Colchester Fuel Injection hesitation to recommend them ..... just good guys who are good at their job. last set for an 1H DT i had done were £670 but that was 2015
Turbo...... had a few done for various machines ..... it's not rocket science ..... Last CT26 I had done was again in 2015 £435 ..... by The Turbo Centre 01924 404112
No problems with the turbo since and it's covered a good few hard working miles
Thanks for the recomendation Grimbo, been in contact with both of these companies this am and will get these parts off to them next week.
I replaced my turbo with one from “max speeding rods” 2yr warranty £135 delivered to the door lol, not had any problems with it, been on a couple of years now
Braver man than me........I've had to rebuild enough engines that are trashed by turbo failure that I didn't fancy doing my own...... but brilliant yours is working well .
Turbo centre do a good job. used them a bit on 1hdt ct26. id use them without hesitation. worth the extra money IMO. Injectors sound about right price for a good job.
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My comment was aimed at a new turbo delivered for £135....... I should learn to be more trusting
On another forum(Audi) I’m on, the maxspeeding stuff gets slated, i Haven’t seen a single good review yet, other than LCTIM’s, along with terrible aftersales support, turbos cratering within 2-3 weeks. This Of course could be down to installation or no mechanical sympathies during use! I’d be a bit wary on using one myself!