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1hd-t supercharged?


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Aug 24, 2020
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Hi guys, I dunno is it the Bordem from sitting around the house the last few days or sitting looking out at the snow pouring down on my 80 series or what but hear me out!! The young lad works for me is after leaving the house and he has a Lexus is200 with one of them bolt on supercharger kits you can buy, I know it’s petrol and all that jazz but would one of them help with the lag in my 80 series, it is great to go once it is spooled up but to get there can be a drag! I have one of chapel gates fuelling pins sitting in the glove box so technically it is in the jeep until I get a chance to fit it.
Maybe I’m just raving but has anyone heard of it beeen done or is there anything else I can do to lessen the lag?
Simply adding a 3" exhaust will do a lot to remove the lag .

I reckon that should always be the first step when it comes to adding power because most of the heat exits via the exhaust .
That simple? I got a lad to put a stainless exhaust on it and he butchered it, it’s not quite 3” but nearly, he just joined it onto the first flexi and then put a box half way down would I be as well take out the box? The big girl as I call her is very fumey when ticking over even for a short while and it smells like pure diesel but is running sound so I’m gonna pull the 6 injectors in the next week or so and get them checked.
To get the full benefit from a 3" exhaust tou really need the change the turbo outlet pipe as that's where the main restriction is. The later 24v FT engine responds well to off boost and midrange pump tweaks. Not sure if these same tweaks apply to the 12v HD-T though.
Yep 3" must start at the turbo or else its just for show .
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Thanks for the help guys, is there anywhere in Ireland/ the uk does these turbo down pipes as the only ones I can find are in Australia /nz. Only one I see in the uk is a full exhaust system and i ale ready habe a stainless system from first section behind front wheel back, the exhaust lad was being lazy . Thanks