2005 1HZJ105 high oil pressure gauge, red dirt and window issues

spawnwhite Sep 3, 2014

  1. spawnwhite

    spawnwhite New Member I am in australia

    am getting lube mobile to change my oil strainer as I believe it is the reason it is giving high oil pressure on the gauge.... is it possible to do this yourself?

    Also have an issue with the passenger window - it has dropped and wont go up. So i took apart and found out it wasnt the regulator but the vertical runner had broken not allowing it to go up. I rang toyota and because this part is welded in they do not do replacement parts. I have been told I may have to get a whole new door!!! Surely there is a way to fix this without replacing the whole door?

    Also my car is ex minesite so lots of red dirt in the engine that i have tried to get rid of and also in the window runner - whats the best way to clean the window runners (lube up?) so dont have this issue happen again with other windows breaking the vertical runner?

    Appreciate your advice :)
  2. Richo

    Richo New Member I am in australia

    I also have the 05 poverty pack 105 wagon which is an ex mine vehicle. The oil pressure usually runs about 3/4 up the gauge in mine. I would just plug a guage in and check that is within limits as it probably will save you a lot of grief and money for nothing.

    If anyone has any ideas about blocking off the EGR on the 1HZ please let me know. I blocked the tube from the exhaust manifold but now the warning light which is also the glow indicator. My electrician says there is a fault code for the EGR so I have to find a way to trick the system. I have fitted the DTS turbo kit and soon will upgrade the exhaust system to help with turbo lag/ driveability in stop start conditions. Thank you in advance from Brisbane Australia
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