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2006 78 series engine diagnostics.


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Apr 24, 2023
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HI all, I'm looking for a bit of help from the collected knowledge base here regarding engine check light /diagnostics for my daughters '06 troopy which is the standard HZJ78R. The car has done about 170,000Kms.
The glow plug light has been coming on after a few hours driving, and will randomly go on and off at will. The vehicle doesn't have the standard "check engine light"on the dash, and we have been told that the glow plug light fills that roll and indicates some issue, but I have not been able to find anything anywhere that confirms the glow plug light being the check engine light and it seems the troop carrier was the poor cousin when doling out workshop manuals as they all seem to be for the 100 or 105 series of that age and the troopy comes as an after thought.

She is in Perth WA and took the car to a mechanics workshop for them to diagnose what the glow plug light coming on meant and they just replaced the glow plugs, which were due to be replaced as per the service book, but it didn't stop the glow plug light from coming on later on.

I found a couple of videos on Youtube by ladies in the USA or Canada showing how to retrieve codes using a paper clip between TE1 and E1 using the diagnostic plug under the bonnet of land cruisers from the 90's, but on the daughter's diagnostic plug there are only 4 pins out of the 23 possibilities,and there is no TE1. The pins that are installed are +B, VF1, E1 and Tc.

So my questions are:- does anyone know about the glow plug light being a diagnostic tool, and if it is, how do you access that information.?
Have all the 78 series HZJ78R's only got 4 pins in the diagnostic plug?
Does anyone know what the glow plug light coming on might mean?
Thanks for any meaningful input.


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