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2007 GXL 105 (Petrol) General Opinions


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Jan 18, 2022
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HI All,
I realise I'm asking the the obvious place for feedback... but considering buying a +250Km V8 GXL, and interested to hear thoughts and opinions, and tell take scares.
I accept that she'd be thirsty, but the benefit is I have my commute is 10K round trip 3 days a week - whereas on weekends would be doing family touring duty and camping.
The 105's seem to be in the sweet spot of not as nostalgic "cool" as the 80' Series, but not as "new" as the what I think overpriced 200' are.
Live in mid north coast NSW so lots of great camping destinations to explore, and generally driving a larger car isn't as onerous as in the city.
WE'd love to do some longer trips too, say Tassie and Vic, and the 105 seems plush enough but solid and capable enough to give us what we want.
Thanks all in advance.