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2014 Land Cruiser Purchase


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Apr 4, 2021
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Hello. I’ve been a fan of the Toyota Land Cruiser for a while and have been looking for a vehicle to purchase.

A local dealer I’ve been working with contacted me about a 2014 LC with 46k miles. Needs a bit of reconditioning, which they’ll handle. Just want some advice on model years from owners.

Purchasing a new 2021 is possible, but these things hold value so well and are so long lasting that I’m not sure I need to spend $90k on a new one.

Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated. I do know that I need to upgrade the head unit with aftermarket parts so that I can use Apple CarPlay. But what else am I forgoing by going with a ‘14? Looks like it might not have KDSS either.

And how much should I pay for a 2014

Replies appreciated