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24 Valve upgrade



Hi all,
After 5 trips to the mechanic to get my 1991 1HD-T Landcruiser import
prepared for North Africa, and London roads, we've decided to sell it.
I've upgraded to a 1996 24 valve 1HD-FT import, so the '91 is in the
driveway super shiny and ready for its next owner.
If anyone's interested / know of anyone wanting to get involved in the
Landcruiser world, please contact me off-line.
PS I would love to keep both, but Mayor Kenny, my wife, and my neighbours
feels that 1 Cruiser per family household is enough.
Dennis, London - UK
91 1HD-T (details on
96 1HD-FT
(Always wanted to write this!)
PPS sorry Julian, "For Sale" adverts probably not allowed here - but it's
kind of relevant!
PPPS and sorry about the disclaimer..
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I supose your LC is RHD right?
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