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265/70 R16


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Feb 26, 2021
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Hi all I'm getting close to needing new tyres and have Michelin Latitude Tour Hp on and couldnt fault them for 100% road use. They dont offer them in my size anymore, and I'm struggling to find All Season tyres in this size for road use, dont really need A/T tyres. Hope someone can throw some light my way. Thanks
Have you tried the main online sellers - Blackcircles, Oponeo, TyreLeader etc. ? Plenty of choice by the looks of it, everything from 100% on-road, to full-on mud pluggers.

Strangely though, Camskills don't list any tyres in 265/70R16, which is odd.
Thanks for the shout chadr, Ive been looking and the choice is very small. most are AT and too off road, some are brands I've no experience off, like the Hankook HP2 reads good but my issue is once you buy them they are on for several years even if you dont like them! I had Bridgestones before the Michelins and they had a tendency to break loose on heavy breaking in wet conditions I had no confidence in them.
Thanks Shayne, I had never seen that site before, some very good prices. Have you used those Pirelli? I see a few more road going tyres on there too, but dont know what they are like in the real world.
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Hi Michael, thanks for that, can you easily share any research you found on those to sway you this time to try them? I had read some info on the HP2 but hadnt even heard of the HT.
like the Hankook HP2 reads good but my issue is once you buy them they are on for several years even if you dont like them!
We've been using Hankooks for yonks on the trucks. Never had a case fail or issues. That said, I'm a fan of the Yokohama Geolander for 90%+ on road use. I'm using BFG KO 2's on my 95 but its only because I've had them on a good while.
Hey, I think they are the same ....some quote the HT in the heading in the USA mostly. Basically HT stands for highway terrain. These can go off road I.E gravel, dirt etc but nothing too crazy. Also rated Mud and Snow which is a bonus. After much research I found these tyres to have very good reviews with good tread quality for high miles & durability.

Having had my BFG 285 75 16's for six years with no issues i'm lowering my vehicle to stock along with the tires too now that fits my needs better. The BFG's are very heavy around 26KG'S rated F in euro energy band and do hinder fuel consumption & ride etc. The hankook tyres weigh under 18kg rated C euro band and B for wet for the 275 70 16 size that suit my needs better as I haven't needed the benefited use of an aggressive AT tyre TBH in my time.

I waiting for my new springs to arrive in December and after changing them out for a better ride will do the tyres, balance & laser correction for the geometry all together.

Will know better to give an update thereafter.

Hi Andy thanks for that info on the Hankooks, they are starting to take the lead at the moment, so its good to hear good reviews about them.
thanks again Michael for sharing your research, When you read the manufacturer sites they make them all sound like they are top notch tyres and yet with my limited experience thats not always the case and even the better ones are short of the mark sometimes. Thats why I too like to do some research before I put my money down. I've always had a liking for Michelin and would have been keen to try the ClimateCross 2 but again they are not in my size, and they only offer the Latitude cross which is a summer tyre and not an all season.
Just a data point, I ran Patagonia A/T in 265/70 16. Highly recommend. They've changed the tread pattern since I owned them, but would guess they are still quite good. Very much a street tire but with an enormous amount of sipes. Great in the winter.