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2nd hand parts, drive shafts (toyo numbers 43411 (RH), 43412(LH)front



Gareth, et al
>>> "Gareth Jones" <[Email address removed]> 12/22/04 10:13am >>>
Renate, so the drive shafts are scrap - have you seen them ?
I'm taking Matt with me today, the garage is putting the thing back together again after lunch, so Matt and I are going to have a look and see exactly where the problem lies. They're not putting in the new CVJS yet because there is not much point, I've asked them not to, and to put it together again, which they will do.
The quote for 2 metal bushes [deep inside] (which they can't get) and =A374.02 plus =A3100.38 for the 2 shafts, plus =A31043.00 for the entire axle they want to replace (because this is how it comes apparently) is totally out of my budget - Le Beast is going to be sold for scrap value in the New Year there is NOTHING else I can do.

I am suprised that they are damaged but if you have seen them and confirm damage I will accept it. If you have the part numbers there is no reason why Toyota cannot supply the exact cost - I suggest you ring Toyota diresctly. I also suggest you demand an itemised bill from the garage to see where your =A31400 is going. Always get a quote for a job - not an estimate - or set an upper limit at which point the garage has to contact you. Somehow I don't think this is going to be running prior to Christmas.
You can also cut out 28th or 29th and the rest of January.
If I keep the car then it's going to have to get a 2nd hand complete axle from somewhere, otherwise it's going to be sold - I've had enough.