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3" stainless dump pipe, EGT probe and full stainless exhaust - 80 Series.

A few pictures from the 24V 80 series stainless exhaust with centre straight through.

I have no idea why this has doubled up on the pictures, admin feel free to amend if it's possible. {admin: Fixed.... I think}

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Hi Trevor ,
Looks good until the rear box .......can you do a version that exits as the stock pipe minus rear silencer ?
That box looks very vulnerable and is too low in my view ....If I reverse in mud up a bank it's going to stuff it straight up the pipe or a rock is going to hit the pipe and push backwards....
Hi Grimbo,

Yes that could be accommodated , maybe turn it out as a side exit near the rear wheel as an alternative. I would suggest running it with the centre box to keep it reasonably quiet if doing away with the rear silencer.
Hi Trev ,
My thoughts are just that ...a centre tucked out the way box and just a straight through rear exit pipe .

Don't want side exit if avoidable .

I do wonder if a 2 3/4 inch system with just one silencer would allow more stock routing and would still be by several factors much less restrictive than a stock system .
Again a bigger dump pipe is probably only required if you plan on a different turbo and intercooler...... stock engine with fuel pump tweaks would be good on this system .

None of the UK available systems have quantifiable HP increase and Torque increase figures ...... stuff from Oz has often been dyno tested etc .

I know from messing about with 2 stroke bikes and rally cars often a noisier system will give the impression of an increase but infact is little different..... we all cut the baffles out our FS1E's if you are a biker of a certain age ;-)
Hi Trevor ,
Just wondering if you sell just the down pipe at all and how much would it be and if the fit a CT26. Also how far do you normally ship to.
Cheers man.
Interested why an Aussie would be wanting to get an exhaust from the UK when most of us look at the kit you guys have and the selection with much envy .....
I would love a Manta exhaust but shipping is mega amounts to UK ;-) and as for all the kit KIng's do .........
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Please can I ask if you can make a system for the 4.5 petrol? Thanks
Hi Guys
Looking to get a stainless dump pipe made up for my 80hdt. Like the one on this post made by Trevor. Already have a 3" pipe fitted.
Hi @Trevor also in the hunt for a 3" 80 series exhaust - straight system - no cat, no muffler - similar to Legendex systems. If you can help, please do get in-touch.

Note for those interested: I ended up settling on an XFORCE 3" stainless exhaust system - unlikely to be the same quality as the awesome exhaust shown on this thread, but it is one Aussie brand sold by UK suppliers - and it cost under 500 quid (included UK delivery) - seems pretty reasonable as far as 3" 409 stainless exhausts go.
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I can now offer for the 80 series a full 3" exhaust from the turbo back in stainless steel with all fittings supplied.

Fittings include

New turbo studs and nuts (2 sizes are supplied as Toyota have 2 size variants)
Turbo to dump pipe gasket
Down pipe to dump pipe nuts and bolts
Mikalor clamps in stainless steel
New exhaust rubbers and mounting bushes

The system compromises a bespoke dump pipe in stainless to present a 3" exit to the downpipe, this replaces the existing cast dump pipe. The new dump pipe has an EGT probe included for post turbo temperatures to connect to your own EGT gauge. It also features the mounting boss to accommodate your existing heat shield.

The system is constructed from AISI 304 descaled stainless steel, silencers are manufactured in house and use ZT1 packing material which is woven and does not fall apart or disintegrate over time.

This system is designed to use the existing OEM mounting points and associated rubbers/bushes.

Does not come below the bottom of the chassis rail so aftermarket bash plates can be fitted.

Silencers have a mini skid plate at the ends to help deflect impact from obstructions.

Mounting brackets are reinforced with a stainless bar spine.

The exhaust is a 5 piece system which makes DIY fitting much simpler.

Exhausts are guaranteed for their life from welding defects and will be repaired, the affected part does need to be brought back to the workshop for this. A fair approach will be taken, if the exhaust has taken a huge hit which has created the defect then this will be discussed on a merit basis.

Currently there is a 3 silencer version, similar to OEM, or a straight through version which does away with the middle silencer under the rear seat.

The straight through option is only slightly more noisy than OEM and shouldn't upset your neighbours if you leave the house at 3am. On long motorway journeys, there is no drone or booming to the underfloor.

I have had the jigs manufactured ready for systems to be made up and will have systems made up on an order by order basis. Typical lead time is around 2 to 3 weeks and a deposit will be required. The guy who makes these for me will fit me in around his other work hence the lead time.

Pricing is £1000.00 supplied and £75 for fitting.

I have not done any before and after dyno testing so can't claim any specifics in terms of performance improvements, however the current owner of the first system says that he can perceive an improvement in get up and go.

I am looking for donor vehicles to get jigs made for the following:-

Colorado and 100 series. Anyone who wishes to participate will get their exhaust at a good discount. This does mean being without their truck for a week or so.

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Hi Trevor, could you message me with your contact details regarding a 3" system.