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35s vs 37s 79 series and offset rims??

Grant Hughes

New Member
Jul 21, 2018
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Hi Guys
Im in the market for new wheels and tyres for my 79 series, ive decided to go with either a 15x10 -50 or 16x8 -44 offset steel rims on the back to correct the tracking issue as i cant afford the legal options at this stage.
(Any advice here would be much appreciated)

My question is 35's or 37's?
I have a 4" inch lift and coiled rear coming in the next month or so.

Is there a big difference in fuel economy? Pros and cons from anyone with experience.
I know 37s are going to excel offroad where i live but is it really worth it?

Thanks guys


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Mar 28, 2010
Grant, I think a big consideration has to be the likely need to regear with 37s whereas you will probably be okay with 35s. Unless you do some pretty extreme off-road the justification for 37s over 35s really isn't there. 37s look good but are a fair bit more work and cost to get everything working as it should.