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4 wheels on my wagon ....



Hi all,
Well I finally got back with 4 wheels on the wagon again, had a few
other problems though.
Driving over a more rocks and corrugations the headlight washers
suddenly started working on their own (at first I thought it was
raining upwards, the weather in Iceland can be weird). Shortly
afterwards the raining upwards stopped and so did I. It turned out
that the little post on the side of the +ve battery terminal connector
had sheared off, so nearly all the electrics got disconnected.
Butchering the plastic battery tray to give more cable length combined
with a longer pinch bolt through the battery terminal connector
allowed me to bodge everything together and get going again.
Later that day my Landrover friend reversed into a Nissan Micra, so I
felt much better. Don't park black cars on black lava.
Engine oil is like blood, you only need to spill a little bit to make
a hell of a mess. Coming back I drove really hard non-stop through
Denmark, and stopped just across the border in Germany where I can
spend Euros. When I got out it looked like there had been an axe
murder. The whole of the underneath of that cruiser was covered in hot
oil, it was all over the wheels, splashed up the side and even up the
back of the tailgate where droplets had gone right underneath and then
been flicked up by turbulence at the back.
Checking, the oil was right on the bottom of the dip-stick, surprised
the light didn't come on. A French Landcruiser driver also on the way
back from Iceland kindly came over to help, but we couldn't see where
the oil was coming from because there was so much of it. It looked
like near the front right-hand side as you stand looking at the engine
from the front. I managed to get back home by keep topping it up. The
left front wheel got so much oil on it that the brakes are knackered
again and it pulls to the right when you brake. That's another set of
brake pads I guess. One day I must go back to the guesthouse in Bremen
and apologise for the mess I left on their car park
I just crossed the Dutch border and the timing belt light came on. I
stopped and worried that the oil had got somewhere it shouldn't before
realising that I just crossed the 80,000 miles mark so it was a
service reminder.
Finally, I got home and jet-washed the engine. The oil is coming from
somewhere at the bottom right of the engine as you look at it,
directly below the steering pump filler/reservoir. There are a few
pipes down there, but I didn't look in the manuals yet to see what
they are or what the problem could be - oil pump loose or something?
Job for the weekend.
Any suggestions anyone?
Aside from that I did do some great drives, if I get a chance at the
weekend I'll do a trip report. More later...
Andy Haxby
Macclesfield UK and Den Haag NL
HDJ-81 pretending to be a Landrover.
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