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4x4 Rescue 12 ton truck


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Mar 22, 2010
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"This 12 ton truck got stuck in the mud at Kubu Island in Botswana. A total of 8 4x4's participated in the recovering process." :shock:
Cool video...

If I can critically evaluate the scene as one who has driven 4 x 4 trucks, admittedly with 20 passengers...

Not enough digging as soon as they broke through the crust, and poor use of the mud mats - it is amazing how qucikly the situation becomes unrecoverable in a truck. It breaks through and sinks until it is floating on its axles - so as soon as the wheels start to spin -mud mat, preferably backwards. Then you are on your way in no time.

I am sure all the cruiser etc drivers had fun doing the rescue, well done too.

Wish I was there instead of the pouring rain here.
If memory serves those were LCCSA guys in that - and the Bots mud is a thing to behold - glutinous, treacherous stuff - many a big, big hole there where people have been dug out .... no fun, really. But still a good vid to watch. Hmmm - time to go back perhaps :lol: :?