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75 series 4wd not engaging


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May 18, 2022
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Hi guys so a I bought a 1996 75 series ute back at the start of march I took it out the first weekend and went 4wding, 4wd engaged all fine anyways I went away for about 5-6 and didn’t drive it, got back and went out on the weekend, I went to put it in 4wd nothing happened, no light on dash and no 4wd after further inspection transfer case is leaking oil, seal is being replaced but does anyone have an idea to why it isn’t engaging?? Cheers
No answers from me, sorry, but some thoughts:
2 wheel drive still operating OK?
Probably nothing wrong inside the box then, I would guess.

I would be crawling around underneath looking at the shift-levers.
Does the 4 wheel drive selector lever in the cab feel the same as before? Is that moving in the cab, but not shifting anything outside?
Hi Harry, i got the seals done on my transfer box at Terrain Tamer in Melbourne, they pulled it all apart, some of the gears were worn but it was mega expensive to do a full rebuild. I took the punt, put it all back and revealed it. Hoping it will last another 30k kilometres or so.