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75 series ignition issues

Jimbo landbruiser

New Member
May 10, 2021
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G'day brains trust ive just purchased a 75 series cruiser. Im having ignition dramas the key goes in (finally) however the key does not even move NOTHING i get i need to get the key to the accessories position to remove the barrel but it won't move at all. I've WD 40d the hell out of it and still nil movement. Next plan is graphite powder, but just wondering if there any other bush hacks to try before I drive a screwdriver into it and persuade the barrel. Thanks Jimbo.
Sometimes there's pressure on the steering wheel via the tyres. I've seen where I have to turn the steering wheel a bit to release the black push button then the key will turn.

Good luck with it man..
I have tried the jack method turning the wheel multiple times. I reckon the key release button is jammed down hard on the barrel. Ive tried to pull it up with pliers also. I might take the steering wheel off and take out the whole assembly. She's stuck real good hahaahaha.
Had almost the same with mine. Key went in without a problem but wouldn't turn. Could be a worn key. Went to the key shop where they made a copy from the worn key. Works perfectly now. Imo worth a try before you wreck the cylinder.
Btw have you tried a blast with pressurised air to blow out any dirt?
Good luck!
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Yeah thanks firewout I tried the new cut spare and it wouldn't go in. Ive now got the steering wheel off and have the barrel turning, however it feels like its free spinning now ahhh fun and games.
Did you look for the needle pressure pin that enables you to remove the barrel?

It sounds like you need a new barrel. I am betting you have a heavy bunch of keys on your ignition key ring. It swings happily there while reaming out the inside of your barrel.