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77 Series Cruiser Info



Thought I'd add a bit of info about the 77 series cruiser as I used to
have one.
The 77 landcruiser (and its successor the 76 - bizarre but true) is a
bit of a hybrid between the light duty-LJ type cruisers and the
HZJ75/78/79 heavy duty 70 series. Mine had 5 doors, a 1HZ 4.2 6
cylinder non-turbo engine, 24v electrics and part time 4 wheel drive
with a 3 speed auto box. it has the same relatively narrow track as
other 70 series and a long wheelbase chassis that is the same length
(more or less) as the LJ78 LWB - which makes it a bit shorter than a 78
troop carrier.
I understand that the 77 cruiser is made of the Japan home market as
well as Malaysia and other Eastern markets. The 77 has 4 leaf springs
(like the 75) whereas the 76 has coils at the front like the 78/79.
Mine came with electric freewheel hubs, an engine driven winch,
snowchains but no front and rear diff locks. It also had electric
windows etc.
Basically, the 77 a bit smaller than the 80 series cars and the handling
is a bit more primitive due to the all-round leaf springs. You only ever
get 5 seats in them (I think), so if you need to seat 7, go for an 80.
There aren't too many 77s in the UK (or in Africa, for that matter, I
think) and I sold mine as I got all anxious about getting bits for it.
Having said that, it was a nice car and it was strangely economical
(about 28-30 mpg!).
Hope that helps a bit.
1995 FZJ80R
Looking for a poverty-spec series 100