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80 [Drawers] [CHAT]



Hi Tony
I am interested in the drawers that you had made, not to buy though.Geese I
thing thats a lot of money to pay for a bit of wood and a few bits of metal
but fair play to you at least you have it and i want it. The cost factor is
a big thing for me when doing or mostly thinking of doing any thing to the
cruiser. Thers is a lot of stuff I want but there is always some thing that
eats up the money before it gets to the cruiser. I was looking at a site
yesterday and it had a roll out system on rails that rolls out of the back
of the cruiser and can hold 1200 lbs of weight when extented. I thing this
is good and have sent them an e-mail. They replied back with we have never
sold one of these and we will look into it for you. The next thing would be
the cost of the shipping from them USA to Ireland I cant wait to see what
that is. BUT like all things it has given me more ideas which will forment
into a cost effective some thing I hope. I will have to get the two brain
cells working again and I have only let them rest for a week or so. I was
also thinking about looking and waiting (I know all the laughs start now
from you lot )but hey have a good one on me. Any way there always seems to
be skips out side of shops with stuff in them from when the shop is getting
a refit. I will be looking at these more closely from now on because some of
the stuff could be light but yet strong and I could possibly remold these
pieses into some thing for the cargo area,. More dreaming but you never
know. If I could make some sort of drawers and then some sort of cargo
barrier, I would feel great for once in a long time but we will see. There
is always the cheap option of using a cargo net secured by the four hooks
on the floor. If any one has any adeas of some materals to use on the
drawers fire away, and some thing strong but not to bulky to use for a cargo
barrier tell me.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland