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80 handbrake



Peter wrote...
I've packed the adjuster at the lever end with a big handful
of washers and then cranked the adjuster nut right down. The lever now pulls
firm at 6 / 7 clicks and actually holds the cruiser easily on the road
outside my house which is quite steep. So I reckon I'm just going to put it
through the retest as it now is and see what happens; worst comes to worst
I've lost an MOT fee.
Anyone got any other tips?
Yes Peter, adjust it properly, its only a clicker found via the usual
awkward hole in the assembly, and a screwdriver is all you need. A
blow by blow account is to be found on lcool. But make sure you
problem is not in the seizing of the cable rather than the shoe
adjustment. All you have done is take-up all the slack in the cable.
Its the correct mechanical advantage in the linkage that makes it
effective and a stretched cable can soon become apparent to either a
tester or the driver when the handbrake is really needed.
No doubt you will get through the test, but asap do a proper job of
adjustment. Remember if it is bodged and you are unfortunate to have
an accident where police are involved they will make note of it in
their report. Don't take risks, be safe.
Linslade, Beds
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus - with effective 'poverty pack' rear
drums only Julian !
OK, OK, I get the message.
The only reason I asked about this is that my Haynes manual doesn't even
mention the shoe adjustment and I wasn't aware of it, under parking brake
adjustment Haynes only describes tensioning the cable at the lever end.
awkward hole in the assembly, and a screwdriver is all you need.