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80 Manuals online (French) was Rear diff noises



Hi Guys
I think I send this one directly to Roman (cause I didn't saw it on the list)
The online French manuals are at
They were very usefull during my front axle rebuild.
Brian I know what you mean, owning an 80 in Portugal is a very similar experience (less than 200 80s in the whole country). As someone said I also prefer a mechanic that I can trust and inspect is work all the time than a Toyota dealer that only presents me a bill. During my front axle rebuild he even took home at night the French manual prints I gave him for is girlfriend to translate.
Regarding this work although it costed me 2500 euros in parts and 500 in labour (new CVs, new front diff ring and pinion, all the bearings, seals etc) it was really worth it. Steering is perfect, no more clicking (even fully locked), no more wining, even the ABS seems to be working again.
Happy owner of an at last in an almost propper condition 94 1HD-T
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