80 series/1HD-T elec info needed--uk 12 volt or 12/24 volt?


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Aug 16, 2010
Can anyone tell me if the 80 series in the UK are all 12 volts or are some 12/24 volt systems?

I have a 1HD-T from a 98 80 series to install in an FJ40 but am trying to go over wiring tasks

If it is dual 12/24 I am thinking I will need some of the switchover relays from the body of the vehicle, so far I have only purchased the engine

I am away at the moment so trying to do some homework!


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Mar 1, 2010
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the only bit that you would need to worry about is the starter motor- its the only bit on the whole 80 series that works with 24v- there's a number of ways you could get around this- you can get 12v starters, you can get a 12v-24v converter or you could do what toyota did with 80 series and install 2 batteries with a huge relay that flips between connecting the batteries in parallel or series.

you can get various 12v-24 converters - http://www.dborc.co.uk/goodwinch/ has one for overvolting 12v winches, and it should do the job nicely if you want to keep the 24 starter- would give you starting at the flick of a switch too.